We love Fabric for deployments. We also use it for our server provisioning scripts. However, I found myself repeatedly writing the same Fabric tasks over and over again without a good way to reuse them from project to project. This was leading to a lot of wasted time and copy-paste errors.

While there are a number of existing projects out there for Django deployments with Fabric, I found most to be very opinionated about project/server layout. Unfortunately I am also very opinionated about server layout. I also found that they did not scale up well to multiple servers (separate app and db servers, multiple app servers behind a load balancer).

In no particular order my goals in creating this project are:

  • Standardize common Fabric tasks for server configuration and deployment
  • Provide sane defaults for configurations with the ability to override
  • Remain as agnostic as possible for directory layout
  • Works well for single server and muli-server deployments

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